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Prospect Brands, LLC is a platform established to hold branded consumer product companies.
In 2012, Prospect Brands, LLC acquired Gerbing’s Heated Clothing, Inc. A leading manufacturer of wearable technology, heated apparel and accessories for motorcyclists and power sports enthusiasts, as well as broader outerwear customers.

Wearable Technology
Thermovelocity protection was born from aeronautics, fueled by a passion for motorsports, and engineered for the conditions of the Pacific Northwest.
Prospect Brands, LLC has acquired Duck Head. The Duck Head name goes back to 1865 when two brothers in Nashville, Tennessee bought surplus Army tents made out of a heavy canvas-like material know as duck. Although it was not intended as a clothing material, duck proved to make sturdy work pants & overalls. These early duck pants became know as khakis, and created a durable clothing staple for the last century.

Authentic, American Icon and Lifestyle.

A Classic American Brand Since 1865 They're not just khakis... they're Duck Head's.